SLP Stress Management Course

Manage Stress. Reduce Burnout. Find Balance.

Being an SLP is S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L and at times, it feels all consuming. You don’t have to be a stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted SLP. Learn how to manage your stress, reduce your burnout and find more balance in your life, through practical, step-by-step strategies that are made for SLPs.

Have you ever looked at those smiling, energetic, passionate SLPs, who are THRIVING each day, like really thriving and not just social media "happy", and wondered...why is that not me?

Stress can make it difficult to achieve what you really want most as an SLP.

  • You want to feel connected to your work, but you are lacking passion and motivation.
  • You want to get excited to start each day, but you feel overwhelmed and exhausted instead. 
  • You want to leave work at work, mentally and physically, but you never feel caught up. 
  • You want to be more present at home, but you are constantly thinking about the work you still have left to do. 
  • You want to enjoy work AND home, but you feel there is no separation between the two anymore. 
  • You want to love the work you do, but you are not sure you can keep going as an SLP for the long-term. 

This course will help you live, surrounded by SLP stress, without feeling burdened by it each day. So you can be a thriving and passionate SLP, and live your life too.

Manage stress and reduce burnout through step-by-step mindfulness-based Stress Management tools.

Now open for enrollment! Course begins September 13th, 2021.

I spent years as a stressed out, overwhelmed SLP.

I worked in various settings, but never found the “one” that offered me the balance and life I was looking for.

Being an SLP felt like it was an all or nothing career - either I spent ALL of my time working at being an SLP or have a life outside of being an SLP. It made my passion for the field shrink, I felt like I wasn’t really doing anything for my clients/students/patients, and each day my stress grew. Until I gave up and quit for nearly 5 years.

But then things changed.

I spent years looking to reduce my stress through the tools that make up stress management. I trained in these, taught them to others and lived them in my own life. Stress didn't go away, but it didn't stick with me as much, even when I decided to rejoin the SLP field. Instead, of feeling stressed all the time, even with a lack of resources and needing to learn SO many new skills, I felt like I could connect with my clients more than ever, help them make changes that mattered to them, and have a life that was more full and more full of ease, both in and out of work.

Here's how you can start to enjoy living life as an SLP again...

  • Learn+Understand

    Learn why you, as an SLP, are so prone to stress.'s not your fault!

  • Practice+Utilize

    Learn and practice the main concepts and tools of Stress management, as they help SLPs.

  • Create+Implement

    Create a step-by-step system to help you manage and reduce YOUR stress in YOUR daily life.

SLP Stress Management is for you if you want practical tools to help you become more resilient to the stress around you, so you can be a happier, more effective SLP

Imagine if you could…

  • Be surrounded by typical, monstrous SLP stress and not have it take over your day.
  • Feel passion for your work, and as if you are making a difference.
  • Mentally leave work at work, and be more present at home.
  • Look forward to the work you do each day.
  • Have a daily routine and schedule that tuned in to what YOU needed as a clinician and human. 

Don't forget the bonuses!

In addition to the course material, you'll also get some extra stuff to help you along the way and as you continue your journey.

  • Meditation Bundle

    A 4-part Meditation Audio Bundle to help you get started in reducing and managing your stress.

  • Coaching with Me

    Weekly LIVE group coaching calls (recorded and archived, so you can listen to all calls past, present and future).

  • Private Facebook Group

    Access to a "members only" FB Group. Connect with others in the SLP Stress Management community, as well as have access to weekly tips and coaching tools.

Pricing options

Stress Management is not for every SLP.

Here are some signs this course is not for you...

  • You want a course built around therapy materials and ideas

    This is not a course that gives you materials, so you don't have to stress about planning for sessions. This reworks your daily routines and habits, beyond your therapy sessions, so you can feel more connected and less going through the motions.

  • You want things that will help you organize better

    While you will get to create and organize some parts of your day and routines, this is not a course to teach you new ways to organize, prep and plan your way out of stress.

  • You don't want to do the work

    You are looking for a quick fix to your stress, without having to dig deep, rework some habits and routines, or start to make changes in your life in and out of being an SLP.

Hi, I’m Jessi!

Or more formally, I’m Jessi Andricks, MS CCC-SLP, yoga+meditation teacher, and Integrative Health Coach.

I spend my time working to help SLPs, like yourself, manage their stress, so they can find more balance in their lives and stop living in survival mode each day. I’ve created multiple webinars and CEU courses on this topic, and have presented in conferences, both in person and online. And I host my own podcast, as well as have been featured in several SLP-focused podcasts. I enjoy the work I do, as a coach and also as an SLP, but it has not always been this way. At some point, early on as an SLP, I was so stressed out, every day, that I decided I had made a HUGE mistake by becoming an SLP, and eventually quit. I left the field for nearly 5 years, training and teaching yoga and mindfulness, before I stumbled back into it due to some life circumstances (I had a new baby and the yoga studio I helped run was closing due to the owner moving). Luckily, I had a ton of tools I could to help me manage my stress and actually enjoy the work for the first time ever. And I found that, while I was able to manage my stress and keep things in balance, most other SLPs were struggling. The SLP world was FULL of SLPs who were stressed, overwhelmed, and wishing they could quit and just go work as a barista somewhere, doing something that didn’t require them to think or take it home with them each day. They wanted a break for their brains from all the dress that seemed never-ending. I knew how they felt, and made it my mission to make sure that no SLP ever feels like quitting is the only option to manage their stress.

As Seen in:


  • I’m busy! How will this course save me time?

    I get it. You are already strapped for time, hence the stress, so how is adding in one more thing going to help ease your stress? My goal is to provide you with actionable information that you can implement right away...not “fluff” that keeps you stressed, makes you more stressed, or worse, leaves you feeling awful. Like crying in your car... You’re investing in your time by joining SLP Stress Management and getting an actual system and process to manage and reduce your SLP stress, rather than taking shots in the dark and figuring things out on your own. Which can take up YEARS of time.

  • Will this help me be less stressed?

    It absolutely can - but that is also up to you. THis is a course that is for anyone who is ready to work through their stress and find some ways to manage it. It is not a course that will automatically make all your stress go away, will require just listening to some audios or will take away the things that stress you out each day. BUT it will teach you, and guide you through, how to live in this stress, without letting it affect you as much, help you understand why and how it happens, and help you create a personalized guide to daily stress management. It is work, and it is absolutely worth it.

  • Could I just find this information for free online?

    You can find almost anything online these days...but does that mean it’s legitimate and helpful? Or that it will actually be something you have a chance to put together in the way you need it? Not at all! Have you ever had a parent tell you their child didn’t need speech, because they could do flashcards at home on their own? It’s not the same as having an SLP, who has trained and studied this, put it all together and teach it to them. This is kind of like that. :) Much of the free stuff you find online is simply unhelpful, because learning it is one thing, but knowing how to put it into practice is another. I can tell you that with my own experience as an SLP and my training in all the things to manage stress, you’ll find information you can’t find anywhere else, packaged up into a process that doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours sifting through Google or YouTube or Facebook for advice.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Of course! I genuinely want you to succeed, which is why I offer a 30-day money back guarantee, as long as you show you’ve done all the modules, including the videos and worksheets. The reason here is that you get what you put into this. It is easier to listen to a webinar about stress (I present those, I tune into others, and I LOVE them), and it is even more to do the worksheets that help you take action on what you learned. This is where the difference is truly made. If you do these, or have a special circumstance, and need a refind, let me know and we can refund.

  • Is there a payment plan?

    Of course! Being an SLP can often mean that you are very careful about your expenses (hello being underpaid at times and owing decades worth of student loans). You can pay in full for a small discount or sign up for the payment plan.

  • How long do I have access to this course?

    You'll have access to this course, and any updated versions, for the life of the course. If there is any new content added to the course or bonuses, it is yours to use at no extra charge.

  • Is the entire content available immediately?

    This round begins on September 13th, 2021. The course "opens" on a set date, and each week you will get a new module of information. This way, you have time to watch the videos, do the worksheets, and process what you learn, so you can better put it into practice. Once you go through the course, you'll have access to any module at any time.

  • Are CEUs provided?

    No. ASHA CEUs are not available at this time. The course does offer quizzes and a completion certificate, so it is eligible for Certificate Maintenance Hours, which are the self-reported hours. You would use your certificate to prove you took the course if ever needed. *This does not guarantee continuing ed or professional development hours, as these can vary due to state and ASHA, and other, guidelines.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You get 30 days to try it, use it and love it, or your money back in full.

If, within 30 days of the start of the program, you decide this isn't working for you, I'll gladly refund your money. You'll need to show you completed the modules and did the worksheets, so you know FOR SURE this isn't for you. If you are on a payment plan, I'll refund what you have paid so far. If you pay in full, I'll refund the total amount. Why do this? Because I believe in this program and the changes it can help you create.

Pricing options